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Mauri Oho

“Mauri Oho is a web-based bilingual application that includes approaches and resources to build on the strengths, passions, interests”

Mauri Tau

“Mauri Tau is a programme that uses a scientifically engineered bio-feedback technology, called Opzone, to assist ākonga to recognise…”

Te Nīkau™

“Te Nīkau™ framework was developed by life-long educationalist, Cath Rau and underpins the approach to services and projects…”

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Shifting from a largely paper based classroom to one that is more digital isn’t easy and one of our…

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About us

Our History
Desire to positively contribute to high quality literacy programmes...

Our History Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust (Kia Ata Mai) was established by Deed of Trust on 30 June 1994 and was incorporated as a Charitable Trust on 24 July of the same year. Kia Ata Mai was formed by practising teachers and school leaders with a desire to positively contribute to high quality literacy programmes for Kura Kaupapa and Māori medium schools. We passionately believe that all students should be entitled to the best learning opportunities possible. The majority of founding Trustees are still active in Kia Ata Mai, at either the governance or operations levels servicing the Māori-medium educational sector. Specific objectives identified at the time of the establishment of Kia Ata Mai included: i. To develop and promote Māori literacy programmes for readers in Kura Kaupapa and Māori medium schools that will expand their learning opportunities. ii. To promote, support and assist with the publication of appropriate quality and classroom tested resources in Māori for readers in Kura Kaupapa and Māori medium schools. iii. To support initiatives that will maintain the quality of the Māori language, training and professional development of teachers in Kura Kaupapa schools and support for kaupapa Māori initiatives. At Kia Ata Mai, we have broadened this to extend to: iv. Deliver training and professional development to teachers in schools/kura v. Support kaupapa Māori initiatives

Heading our team

Board of Trustees & Management
Ko Putauaki me Hikurangi ngā maunga
Ko Rangitaiki te awa
Ko Pūkeko me Waiohau ngā marae
Ko Ngāti Pūkeko me Patuheuheu me Ngāti Haka ngā hapū
Ko Ngāti Awa me Tūhoe ngā iwi
Ko Mataatua te waka
Ko Mātiti me Mākeo ngā maunga
Ko Waioweka me Waiaua ngā awa
Ko Ōpeke me Ōmarumutu ngā marae
Ko Ngāti Ira me Ngāti Rua ngā hapū
Ko Te Whakatōhea te iwi
Ko Nukutere me Mataatua ngā waka
Ko Muriwai te tīpuna
Ko Tainui te Waka
Ko Kapuarangi te Maunga
Ko Wainui te Awa
Ko Torerenui-a-rua te Tipuna
Ko Manaakiao te Tangata
Ko Ngai Tai te Iwi
Ko Taupiri me Tarawera ngā maunga
Ko Waikato me Kaipara ngā awa
Ko Te Kotahitanga me Haranui ngā marae
Ko Ngāti Tipa me Ngāti Whātua Tuturu ngā hapū
Ko Waikato me Ngāti Whātua ngā iwi
Ko Tainui me Mahuhu-ki-te-rangi ngā waka