Mauri Oho

Mauri Oho (i.e. energising the essence or special nature of the tamaiti) is Kia Ata Mai’s Māori medium expression of Programmes for Students, a government-funded initiative that seeks to accelerate achievement for those learners at Manawa Āki and Manawa Taki achievement levels as identified through Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori. Mauri Oho is a joint venture between Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust and Ngā Kura a Iwi o Aotearoa.

Mauri Oho is a web-based bilingual application that includes approaches and resources to build on the strengths, passions, interests and ways a tamaiti prefers to learn to address any learning challenge they may be experiencing in literacy (te reo matatini) and/or mathematics (pāngarau). This programme complements and supplements what is already happening in the classroom.

Mauri Oho is a personalised programme developed with and for each tamaiti that includes using an iPad to engage in learning activities in a digital environment. The approach attends to the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of the tamaiti to ensure they experience success in their learning.

Mauri Oho is currently implemented in 13 kura at 11 North Island locations, supporting more than 130 ākonga.

Mauri Oho requires:

  • School leaders who are prepared to proactively support implementation of the programme
  • Teachers/kaiako who are prepared to transform their practice
  • Strong, reliable, internet connection
  • Student access to devices (highly desirable)
Some feedback from our students and whānau members:

When I got my i-Papa (iPad), I was happy as. I started getting on with my work and thinking more and started focusing and now I’m here (smiles), in a space that I wanted to be in. My goal is to make my family happy and I want to go to University.

Ākonga, July 2015

I think our tamariki are using a lot more thinking skills, problem solving skills and working together to learn better. My daughter enjoys doing Mauri Oho at home and we enjoy the mahi she is doing.

Whānau, July 2015

Our tamariki are becoming more responsible for their own learning.  Tamariki relish the opportunity to be more involved in the decision making, in regards to their Mauri Oho mahi, and Mauri Oho environment.  Our tamariki enjoy the process of choosing a task in Mauri Oho, they feel more empowered and encouraged to give it a go, especially when they see how many whetū they have achieved for each mahi.

Kaiako, October 2015.

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